Naxos has an abundance of scenic beaches, perfect for unwinding under the warm rays of sunshine. There are various beaches outlining the alluring island of Naxos, so the diversity of choices always impress visitors.

Chora and the castle

The Chora Castle, called Kastro, is a medieval district and another essential stop during your visit to Naxos. You can also pay a visit to the surrounding cute shops, cafes, restaurants, art spaces and museums and walk the winding alleyways.


If after the cultural and spiritual exploration of the historical monuments a strong craving for adrenaline kicks in, windsurfing, kitesurfing and all kinds of watersports are the ultimate solution.Naxos offers as well many walking and cycling paths that will give you the chance to explore the island.


Naxos is blessed with 41 splendid villages, each of them possessing unique beauty and charm. These villages glow with ancient tradition and spectacular architecture.


Naxians love and respect their foodstuff and know full well how important it is for the island’s still developing tourist industry. This is why it is known that Naxos is one of the best gastronomical destinations of Cyclades and of Greece entire.

And more...

Churches and monasteries of rare historical value, palaces and towers, paths, mines and caves, threshing floors and vineyards give the island a great wealth of places difficult to find on any other island, leaving you transported by their charm and uniqueness.